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Fishbowl Event Tonight!

We are so excited about our event tonight, "Fishbowl Roundtables".  You won't want to miss our lively discussions as we chat and collaborate about topics related to technology and business.  There will be snacks, prizes, fun, and great conversation!  It is not too late to RSVP!  

We guarantee that you'll learn a little bit, and be able to share with others about your experiences working in the industry.  Boise has such a fantastic and vibrant tech community and we're excited to be a part of it.  Join us tonight as we inspire each other to enhance our careers in technology and encourage each other!

Here is a sneak peak at the topics we'll be discussing...

1.       Describe a time when you were frustrated with technology.

2.       What is the most valuable technology tool you work with and why?

3.       Why do you think that there are fewer women in technology and what can we do about it?

4.       Do you use social media and do you find it useful?

5.       What is “Web 2.0”?

6.       What is SEO and SEM?

7.       Define CMS.

8.       What is the one skill you wish that you had?

9.       Tell us more about what you do and how you became a fan of technology.

10.   What is the one website that you use every day? 

11.   What is a WIKI?  Have you ever contributed to one?

12.   What have you given up to have more time for X?

13.   After LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, the next three most important social media networks are…?

14.   Do you have any book recommendations related to technology?

15.   Are there any email tricks you use?  Or any technology tips/tricks you could share with the group?

16.   What is Google Wave?  Have you used it?  Is it useful?

17.   Tell us about a recent tough decision that you’ve had to make.

18.   What is your hardest ongoing task?

19.   What is a general rule or principle that you don’t follow and why?

20.   What technology gadget do you use most frequently?

21.   Why did you choose a career in technology?

22.   What hot technology is at the top of your Christmas list?

23.   Does your company make the best use of technology?  What would you change/advise?

24.   How do you balance your use of social media with other day to day activities so that it doesn’t rule your life?

25.   If you could sit down over lunch/dinner with someone in the technology world, who would it be and why?

26.   How do you stay current on technology trends?