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State Scholastic Tournament Needs You

Have you been looking for a fun and easy volunteer opportunity?  What if this volunteer opportunity also afforded you the opportunity to learn something to?

The State Scholastic Tournament is in need of volunteers to serve as a Judge or a Timekeeper next Tuesday, March 16th at the Boise Center on the Grove.

The Tournament brings together academic teams from around the state in a quiz bowl fashion.  Teams of 5 participate in two 10-minute rounds and one 60-second lightning round.  The winning teams advance in the bracket system to secure a spot in the state event.

The Competition Rounds for next Tuesday are








5:45- 6:20


If you have some free time and are looking for a chance to give back to the Community and have a little fun at the same time, this is the gig for you!  If you are interested, please contact Leandra Aburusa-Lete at laburusa(at)boisestate.edu.

I've helped at the regional and state events for several years and its a blast!