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March Lunch & Learn

Sharon Larson

We had another really inspiring Lunch & Learn session with the girls from the Meridian Technical Charter High School this past week.

Lunch & Learns are a great opportunity for women working in technology to mentor young women and share their personal stories about working in the tech industry.

Sharon Larson, from Larson Sound LLC, was one of two speakers at the luncheon. Sharon shared her experience working as a sound engineer and in the tech industry. The girls listened as she spoke about how she got started in her career and what she likes best about working in technology.

Sharon said this about the Lunch & Learn event:

It was really cool being able to speak to high school girls who are interested in all things technical.  Most already have a career path in mind which I can relate to since I knew I wanted to be a sound engineer when I was 15.  

In addition to talking about my career we spoke about the importance of work ethnic, attitude and networking.  I told them about some of the local film and television networking groups, internships and workshops as well as available internships available at Lucas Films and Pixar.  

In addition I let them know that the next Audio Engineering Convention is in San Francisco this November and that if they are interested in this line of work then they should try to attend because the AES has many great student programs including a job fair and college fair.

Thank you Sharon for volunteering your time to speak to these girls about your career in technology! We believe that giving these young girls real-world mentors helps pave the way for opening their minds up to new and exciting career opportunities in technology.  

If you're interested in volunteering for future Lunch & Learns, please contact us.