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52 Days and Counting....

til Startup Weekend 2!

Girls in Tech Boise was just handed the discount code for tickets for our members.  Use the code "tech" and receive $10 off the ticket price.  Who doesn’t like that?

Not sure what all the fuss is about?

In the words of Lisa McGrath, our fearless organizer, (our emphasis added):

“We know you’re not the average person, but did you know that in 54 hours, the average person sleeps about 17.5 hours, daydreams as many as 350 times, and spends almost 2.5 hours waiting in line?  At Startup Weekend, in 54 hours, you can launch your own startup.  And we’re working behind the scenes, assembling an impressive crew of sponsors, speakers, and advisors, to help you start it in 54.”

Follow them on Twitter and connect with the group on Ning.

We’ll see you May 21-23, at the Watercooler for Startup Weekend!