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Now's Your Chance....

The mothership, Girls in Tech International, has submitted a topic for SXSW and needs our help!  They have proposed a panel on entrepreneurship - featuring, what else?  You got it, talented women!

The session is Everybody's a Bloody Entrepreneur!  Or are they? and features Adriana Gascoigne of Girls in Tech, Terry Chase Hazell of RampCorp, Alexis Maybank of Gilt Groupe and Nancy Spears of genConnect.

Get ready for a frank discussion on 'entrepreneurs' vs. entrepreneurs and how you get there (and lose the quotes), key characteristics of an entrepreneur, when does your start-up actually start making a significant impact, how to empower organic entrepreneurship values throughout your organization and how entrepreneurs define success.

As you can see there's a lot of meat (and merit) to this discussion.  How can you help?  Log on and vote! Visit SXSW PanelPicker2012 and cast your vote.  C'mon Girls in Tech Boise, let's do our part - vote early and often.  Ok, you really can't vote often - you will be asked to create an account and sign in.  From there you simply select thumbs up or thumbs down and voila!  You help make a part of Girls in Tech International history!