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A Little Inspiration for the Dog Days of Summer

A big thank you to our friend @jflyons for passing along this gem of a story from NPR on  Girl in Tech, Meredith Perry and her company UBeam.

Its the perfect remedy for a sizzling Boise Valley August night.  Sit back, grab a frosty beverage and prepare to be inspired by a 22 year old entrepreneur.  And did we mention she a girl?  

In a nutshell, Meredith Perry encountered a problem that we have all had - her laptop battery was dead and she did not have her power cord.  Show of hands - how many have done this?  How about a show of hands for those that have the power cord but there are a) no plug-ins or b) not enough plug-ins?  

Enter our Girl in Tech hero with the solution - a transmitter that recharges using ultrasonic waves.  In Perry's words,  "What happens is, the ultrasound, which vibrates the air, vibrates what's called a piezoelectric transducer, and what happens is the ultrasound will vibrate the piezocrystals, and the crystals will move back and forth, and that will generate an electrical current (Noguchi, Y., 2011)."  Did we mention she's a girl AND she speaks geek?  Seriously, what an inspiration!  We are wondering why we didn't think of this.  

It seems so simple.  In terms of pain points and looking for solutions (you know like all entrepreneurs do) this is a big one.  

We know the temps are rising, but surely there are some good ideas out there.  If you've got one, bring it to Startup Weekend.  Its just around the corner September 9-11 at Stevens Henager.  Check out their new website for details.   Tickets are $55 for Professionals and $40 for Students and Veterans if purchased by September 2nd.

Read more about Perry and her inspiring story here.  You can also listen to the story here.

Noguchi, Y.  (2001, August 23). Young entrepreneur has a better idea. Now what? National Public Radio.  Retrieved from http://www.npr.org